Friday, August 03, 2007

More on liberal attempts to censor Fox

Kos's Censorship:
The community built around DailyKos, the 800-pound-guerilla of the lefty blogosphere, is currently gathered in Chicago for their annual convention, YearlyKos. Reports from the Windy City suggest that Rupert Murdoch was very much on the Kossacks' minds yesterday.

Blogging both for The Economist and Reason, David Weigel informs us that one panel focused mainly on strategies for bullying advertisers into boycotting the Murdoch-owned Fox News Channel. An audience member asked the panelists what could be done to block Murdoch's Dow Jones acquisition; blogger Matt Stoller responded by holding up a flyer advertising a speech by FCC Commissioner Michael Copps. Copps did, indeed, spend part of his speech discussing how Murdoch can be thwarted.

There's something disturbing about the spectacle of a community built in the anything-goes free speech zone that is the web gleefully discussing how to silence their ideological opponents. Why is it that, even after last year's bicameral Democratic election victories, liberal activists seem to retain a peculiar insecurity about their ability to win an argument on the merits?