Sunday, January 13, 2008

is it 2017 already?

Hillary went on Meet the Press today:
Clinton burst out laughing when moderator Tim Russert reiterated her phrase "vast right-wing conspiracy" and asked if it still exists.

"Oh, I don't know," she said. "I haven't paid much attention to it for about 10 years. I really don't have any idea. ...I'm just too busy to worry about that."
We all know the circumstances that led her to allege the conspiracy - she blamed it for her husband's infidelities with Monica Lewinsky, but that isn't the last time she worried about it:

She wasn't too busy to worry about it last March:
Clinton: Vast right-wing conspiracy is back
Cites anti-voter actions, phone jamming and intimidating phone calls

WASHINGTON - The "vast, right-wing conspiracy" is back, presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is warning, using a phrase she once coined to describe partisan plotting.

Once derided for her use of the phrase, Clinton is now trying to turn the imagery to her advantage.

Speaking Tuesday to Democratic municipal officials, the New York senator used the term to hammer Republicans on election irregularities.

She also used the phrase similarly during a campaign appearance over the weekend in New Hampshire.
Only 10 months ago, Hillary proudly reminded voters of her husband's affair and her own paranoia, but how quickly she forgot. Or, she probably was just lying...again.