Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The problem with McCain

McCain isn't a conservative. No one can point to that American Conservative Union rating to make the case. It is deceiving. A. Since 1997 his rating has been in the 60's. B. Look at the issues upon which he has LED:

- against Bush Tax Cuts (x2) as "tax cuts for the rich"
- for amnesty for illegals
- against free political speech
- against the Marriage Amendment
- against ending filibusters of conservative judges
- McCain called the pharmaceutical industry "the big bad guys and demanded the importation of medicines from foreign countries
- Closing Guantanamo Bay and harassing the Bush Administration on the mythical "torture" issue
- grow the size and cost of government AND hurt the economy with the stupid Climate Stewardship Act

NONE of these are conservative positions. They are liberal positions. McCain wants to advance liberal agenda items. He opposes conservative agenda items. He imitates some of the worst far-left talking points against private industry. He isn't going to fight the liberal Democrat congress. He's going to sign their radical bills and ruin this country.

The bottom line is: HE CAN'T WIN IN NOVEMBER. The reason: what reason to conservatives have to go vote? None. And don't give me that Hillary line. As we saw in 2004 (and 1996) visceral hatred for the other candidate isn't enough to get elected. He isn't just a maverick. He enjoys sticking it the GOP. Why be a loyal Republican, as he is demanding, when he's not been one for a long time? Well, there isn't.