Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Devil We Know

In today's primaries in Ohio and Texas, it seems a lot of Republicans are voting in the Democratic primaries, and mostly for Hillary Clinton.

I guess, it's true, that politics makes strange bedfellows, and even Rush Limbaugh has asked the GOP to vote for Hillary in the primaries, though not because he prefers her to Obama, but it keeps the Dem race alive and both candidates nuke each other instead of McCain and the GOP. In the end, it is hoped, the Dems are so fractured over this race that the GOP wins the general election. I suspect this general reason is why so many in the GOP are crossing over to vote for Hillary and they won't vote Dem in the general election, regardless of who they nominate.

That strategy could work, though I'm of the belief that Obama would be an easier candidate to defeat given how much easier it would be to demonstrate how radically liberal he is, though he and Clinton pretty much have the same policy views. He is more of a wild card, however, so I guess the thinking is better the devil we know, then the one we don't.

I don't care who drives the final nail in her political coffin, but keeping Hillary Clinton alive politically is not something that Republicans should provide any assistance with. If the Dems want her, then fine, but we sure as heck don't.

I also think about karma. We shouldn't be wishing that Hillary remains a viable politico as we would likely regret that later on (Be careful what we wish for...)