Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary the Liar

Well, it turns out that Hillary's claim to running from sniper fire in Bosnia as First Lady is a big fat lie.

We shouldn't be surprised. She's lied about her foreign policy experience before. the reason she does it is because she has not real foreign policy experience to speak of. Sure, she traveled around and met some world leaders and their spouses at state dinners, but she never lead any important diplomatic missions or held any important policy role in her husband's administration.

Of course, Obama is worse. His foreign policy experience amounts to going to school overseas as a child. To counter the experience arguments, he often quotes Bill Clinton about having the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience, implying that his is the right kind and Hillary's the wrong kind.

Well, when it comes to foreign policy, Hillary may have the wrong kind of experience, but Obama has no experience. When it comes to resumes, neither of these candidates can touch John McCain's. He has real experience - in battle and in politics. I often don't agree with him and don't really like him as a candidate, but he has been a leader in the Senate. He has led bipartisan efforts on several occasions and was prescient on demanding a new strategy in Iraq, which result in the surge operation being implemented and now succeeding.

The two Dems are foreign policy impostors. Their domestic experience isn't very impressive either, but they have the most money and name recognition, so they're the leading candidates for the Dems. McCain is for real, though, which is why he'll win in November.