Thursday, April 24, 2008

Standing up against Obama

The liberals are all over this North Carolina state GOP ad criticizing the Dem candidates for governor, both of whom endorse Obama. Of course, they're screaming that the ad is racist, though the only racist in the ad is racist anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama's spiritual mentor and the man who performed Obama's marriage and baptized his daughters. Of course, they can't say why it's racist, but that's their sole defense of anything anti-Obama as he can't stand up to any close scrutiny.

The libs think the ad is out of bounds because it isn't about "the issues" which they contend (I suppose) favor Obama. They fail to see, however, that the top issues in any presidential campaign are the character and judgment of the candidates...but they don't want you to discuss that because Obama comes out looking very poor on both of those grounds. His associations with Wright and the Weather Underground terrorists demonstrate that. His "bitter" comments revealed even further that he is an elitist leftist who is out of touch with the average American.

what they really don't want is any scrutiny. They don't want debate. They certainly don't want anyone to point out Obama's biggest weaknesses: his judgment, associations with America haters, his inexperience and lack of knowledge on some important issues. They just want America to bow down to an unrepentant leftist. Well, that's not going to happen.