Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Straining Belief: The Obama Campaign & Michelle's UCLA Speech
Beyond that issue, you have a right to try and persuade people of anything - and they have a right not to give a damn. This is not how the politicist Mussolinis and Marxists of the world approach the question, of course. For them, there is no space for those who refuse to be part of their political schemes, on the way to a united volk/proletariat that redeems its soul through politics.

This is still the core mindset of much of the left, and is shared by many of Obama's supporters who consider axioms like "the personal is political" to be truisms. Instead of fascisms that do not, and will not, allow any private space to exist outside their ideology.
"Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."
Excuse f--ing me? The way I live my life is none of his damn business. The fact that this is the sort of idea that gets his wife excited... I think my creep-o-meter just redlined.

Armed Liberal talks about the radical people and mentalities he personally hung out with, and proposes "let's give a speech and get beyond that." It's a wholly inadequate response, given the lack of a meaningful record from the candidate that would establish contrary bona fides, and the continuing pile of associations that contradict everything this candidate claims to stand for as the prima facie basis of his candidacy.

Belief is a verb, not a noun. Actions speak loudly. So do inactions.

When you look at Obama's ongoing associations with the idiotarian hate-America crowd, and his refusal to condemn any of it in public, even when that condemnation would have been the easy thing as well as the moral thing, a logical question arises.

Did Obama ever really leave those beliefs behind... or did he just learn how to change the subject in public, say one thing and do another, and all the rest of the standard political cheats?

The primary question in my head about Obama is beginning to move beyond "Is this guy a lightwight?" to a simpler one: "Is this guy simply a walking lie, in a deep way and on multiple levels?"