Friday, September 26, 2008

Will Chicago Machine Politician, Barack Obama, try to suppress Free Speech?

All indications point to "YES" but can we be sure?

Ask Stanley Kurtz: Through surrogates, Obama has sought to suppress the scholar's access to Chicago Anneberg Challenge documents held at the (public) Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago from Kurtz (and others).

After publicizing the suppression, Kurtz did gain access. Unsurprisingly, the documents call into question Obama's explanation of his relationship with unrepentant terrorist and admitted communist William Ayers.

When Kurtz went on radio in Chicago to discuss these issues, Obama urged his Obamatons to call into Milt Rosenberg's show on WGN Radio to disrupt the interview with Kurtz.

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Ask David Freddoso: As he did with Kurtz, Obama urged his Obamatons to call into Milt Rosenberg's show on WGN Radio to disrupt the interview with David Freddoso, author of the book The Case Against Barack Obama.

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Ask the NRA and Local TV Stations: Obama has lately, through his lawyers, tried to intimidate local TV stations to get them to stop running truthful NRA Issue advertisements.

Obama filed an FCC complaint to stop the American Issues Project from running adds critical of Obama and his unexplained relationship to Bill Ayers.

Ask The People of Missouri: Obama has lately enlisted local law enforcement who have threatened to prosecute those guilty of "lies about Barack Obama"
"The Barack Obama campaign is asking Missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading TV ad during the presidential campaign."
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Ask Talk Radio Listeners: Obama would likely reinstate the so-called and inaptly named "Fairness Doctrine" which was repealed in the 1980's as it unduly suppressed freedom of speech, particularly on talk radio. After its repeal, conservative talk radio blossomed as an alternative to the biased mainstream media of network and local television. Democrats have attempted to revive the Doctrine in recent years as a way of suppressing talk radio and other speech to which they disagree.

Obama claims that he does not support reinstatement of the Doctrine. However, what he does support is to "clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum" which fits nicely into the left wing proposals to issue fines to radio broadcasters who fail to abide by their "public interest obligations."

There has been interest in reviving the Doctrine since the Democrats regained control of Congress in 2006. There's simply no way in hell that Obama, as President, would oppose any attempt to reinstate it. He wouldn't challenge his party over this issue, and he simply isn't trustworthy enough as all of his statements have an expiration date (As noted here, here, here, here, and here.

Ask Local Republicans: In addition to his FCC complaint, Obama allies in the Justice Department will use their power to intimidate and prosecute Obama's political enemies. And while this particular item doesn’t necessarily have Obama's fingerprints on it, it might as well as his left-wing fellow travelers in the (Bush Administration's!) Justice Department Civil Rights Division are attempting to prosecute, as criminal, what they call "voter intimidation" but which is rather free speech proteced by the First Amendment.
In the face of the Obama fundraising and media juggernaut, Republicans are worried about losing the presidential election.

They should be even more fearful, however, about being criminally prosecuted by the Justice Department for political speech and activity protected by the First Amendment - a clear effort by partisan career lawyers within the Civil Rights Division to help the Obama campaign.


One cited example of a "criminal" violation supposedly intended to "suppress" voting was sending mailers informing voters that you must be a citizen to vote, a requirement of state and federal law. One of the deputy chiefs, Mark Blumberg, told FBI agents and federal prosecutors that the individuals responsible for such a brochure should be brought before a federal grand jury to ask them if they belong to any "anti-immigrant" groups. Not surprisingly, this deputy chief also did a detail with Senator Kennedy.

Believe it or not, an Obama administration will not likely be friendly to the First Amendment rights of Americans. That's downright scary.