Monday, May 04, 2009

This is how Socialism gets going

Obama to Secured Creditors: Drop Dead
Why would anyone lend money to heavily unionized companies knowing that if things went wrong, the president and his men could trash their security interests by executive decree, hold them up to public vilification, and subject them to future retribution by regulators?

Why would anyone buy the shares of TARP-backed banks or invest alongside them knowing that their executives have proven their willingness to sacrifice shareholders' interests and throw co-investors under the bus any time the president snaps his fingers?

Why would foreigners buy the distressed debt of American companies knowing that this debt cannot be secured by law but only by political clout?

How is the Federal Government supposed to unwind its ownership in the growing number of companies it has nationalized if prospective buyers know that should things ever take a turn for the worse, Uncle Sam will be back demanding extralegal "sacrifice" in the name of "saving" jobs?

How is private credit supposed to "start flowing again" if the United States of America morphs into a caudillo-run kleptocracy whose explicit policy is to "empower the workers," chasing ever higher poll numbers by demonizing the very people whose job it is to provide credit?