Thursday, September 17, 2009

Word to the Wise

I've posted a bunch of commentary on the ad hominem attacks and accusations of racism by the lefties leveled against the tea partiers and critics of the radical big government and statist schemes being pursued by President Obama and the lefties in Congress. It wasn't enough to label us liars and un-American, but we're racists now, too?

Obviously, these accusations are false and baseless. There might be a few knuckleheads who happen to agree with us, but also whom say stupid racist things (which is mere coincidence), but that is not the overall tone of the conversation and I haven't read or seen much of it in the criticism of these left wing policies. The criticism is based on policy difference and general anger that the government is growing too large to manage, overstepping its constitutional bounds and further intruding upon the freedom of Americans. That the left refuses to debate these issues, has resorted to telling opponents to shut up and now is name-calling is indeed indicative that they don't want us to know what they're doing - dragging the country far to the left and increasing the government's power at the expense of our individual liberties, which will make our lives suck and our wallets thin. Naturally, they believe they should run everything into the ground. The bottom line is that it isn't racist to criticize the president or Congress for their actions.

But there really isn't much to say to people who are calling you racists. You can't argue. If you're called a racist for disagreeing with the politics and policies of the most liberal President and most left-wing Congress ever, the argument is over, and you've won as the liberals have conceded that they don't have a better argument.

But that doesn't mean there isn't anything you could say. When called a racist or a bigot or a teabagger (which is as offensive as the N word) for your dissent, there is only one response beyond smiling and walking away (and I'm not inclined to walk away right now): Fuck you, too.