Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Be careful of what you ask for

For Abortion Supporters, A Lesson in Federal Control of Health Benefits:
When government is put in the position of making decisions about what will be funded and what will not be funded, that is exactly what it will do—decide what and who gets the funding. It is not a personal decision anymore; its not a market decision, nor even an economic decision. It’s a political decision.

Chances are that someone on the receiving end will not like those decisions. Today, millions of Americans in every other sector of the economy- with the notable exception of health insurance - can vote with their feet, taking their business elsewhere, and buying and owning a different policy. Tomorrow, there will be fewer and fewer choices. The authors of the House and Senate health bills will make sure of that.
Over time, of course, abortion will be mandated covered by Big Government Insurance because resistance to it will fade as Americans will lose their moral objections to it as they become more and more addicted to "free" stuff enabling the powerful supporters of baby-killing abortion to bribe persuade members of Congress.

But in the mean time, the abortionists get Lesson #1 in Big Government Insurance: you don't get to decide anymore. The Health Choices Czar does, and believe me, the politicians will make you beg for whatever it is you want.

Of course, this is why I keep saying that our health care is TOO IMPORTANT to leave up to the politicians.