Monday, November 02, 2009

Let's be honest: Obamacare is a big payoff to Democrat cronies

Obamacare creates 111 New 'Bureaucracies' :
"Among some off the new agencies, the list cites a Health Insurance Exchange; the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation; the Public Health Investment Fund; the Public Health Workforce Corps; an Assistant Secretary for Health Information; the Food and Drug Administration Office of Women's Health; grant programs for alternative medical liability laws, infant mortality programs and other issues; and about 100 other government-sponsored creations.
I never believed from the beginning that this healthcare push by the liberals was anything other then another attempt to place yet another sector of the private business in this country into the hands of the government, just like the Crap and Tax bill is."
We really need to take this analysis one more step. Let's be honest about WHY the Democrats are so desperate to create all these new bureaucracies to help run our lives. The motivation extends beyond the desire for control over our liberties and daily lives that liberals tend to have. There's a more practical reason: government employee union jobs.

Obamacare's new bureaucracies mean tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of new government jobs, nearly all of which (if not all) will be filled by people who end up paying dues to the state and national public employee unions, which in turn will be used to elect and re-elect Democrats nationwide. That addition to a fairly rock solid Democrat constituency (in addition to the constituencies created by the dependencies on the program) is a big payoff. As we know, public employee unions tend to do quite well for themselves at taxpayer expense.

Other Democrat constituencies get a piece of the action as well.
For example, check out section 2531 - that’s pages 1431-33 for those following along at home - which has gone largely unnoticed in the major news cycle. These three pages of the bill reward states that refrain from setting (or repeal) any caps on medical malpractice rewards - and the accompanying lawyers' fees! - by requiring the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide them a bribe an "incentive payment."

Update: 111 new federal boards, bureaucracies, commissions, and programs.