Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On DOMA and King & Spalding

King and Spalding ought to be embarrassed.

It all goes back to the point that Leftists are afraid of open and honest debate. The other side can't have speakers, can't voice opinions, can't vote on legislation or judges and can't even have lawyers now. They resort to intimidation and bullying and censorship and the "politics of personal destruction" to try to win. It's why they only like "democracy" when they win. It's why they're so vulgar. It tells us so much about what they actually believe in and what they're values are.

If you believe in traditional family values, then you're a Jim-Crow, KKK, fire-hosing, bible thumping bigot. However, what ought to be private sexual behavior must not only be tolerated, but promoted TO CHILDREN and glorified IN PUBLIC...and if you disagree, well...shut up! Can't use the word "Christmas" or "Easter." Piss Christ must be funded by taxpayers, but the 10 Commandments - AVERT YOUR EYES and they SUE to get it removed. Can't have anyone believing in those things!

It's why I can't call them "liberals" anymore. "Liberal" implies some sort of belief in liberty, which they're clearly against in any meaningful, non-sexualized way. It's why I also can't fully commit to libertarianism, though I'm fully libertarian on economic issues - an immoral society won't commit to personal responsibility and individual freedom. And in the end, when there is no more (or not enough) morality...Barack Obama get's elected. Then, we're all screwed.