Wednesday, November 07, 2012

9 reasons why Romney Lost

  1. He was moderate - yes, he was. He ran as the conservative guy, but wasn't an ideologue. You just got the sense that his heart wasn't into conservatism all that much. 
  2. Fast & Furious - it was hardly mentioned. Romney mentioned it once in a debate but only to say that answers were needed. He should have hit Obama hard with this scandal. 
  3. Benghazi - Another lost opportunity. The President let Americans die and didn't answer for it. That's a huge failure. Overall, Romney just didn't present an understandable foreign policy. 
  4. Waiting to the end to spend money - Romney let Obama attack him in ads all summer and didn't spend his money until the end. Yes, a lot of people wait until October to decide, but that's only after months of hearing how bad you are. Those people simply won't be open minded. The well was poisoned. 
  5. Obama bought votes - Obama basically bought Ohio and Michigan with the auto bailout. Not much Romney could do about it. 
  6. Lack of details - Yes, Romney had a 5 point plan, but he never really said how he'd get there. 
  7. Obamacare- Romney was the worst candidate to attack Obama on this issue b/c of Romneycare. As such, he just let it slide. He only went after it as affecting jobs and stealing from Medicare. He never had a good answer why the individual mandate was ok for Massachusetts, but not the country. Also, after John Roberts rewrote the Constitution, this issue went away.
  8. America is now a country of takers. Romney was wrong about 47% of the country being like that. In reality, it's closer to 51%.
  9. The Media - they don't cover Obama, they cover for him. They're a national disgrace. That Romney willingly accepted MSMers as debate moderators was a mistake, too. Next time, fight for some fair and objective folks.