Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election 2016

Quickly, Donald Trump is not really qualified to be President. I don't think he has the proper temperament or experience to be president. He's been a NY liberal all his life and his recent conversion to conservatism smacks of Romney-like convenience and opportunism. As for his business experience, I don't need to see his tax returns to know he's been successful. It's apparent. Even though he did not start at the bottom, he has certainly increased his net worth over the last few decades. He's a tough and aggressive business man. I don't agree with all of his methods, but it doesn't appear that he's broken the law. He speaks his mind, though sometimes he'd be better off not doing so.

All of the racism accusations were alleged against Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole, Bush and Reagan. It's nothing new. From what I can tell, the evidence that Trump is a racist is based on leftist interpretations of his public utterances and disagreement over his proposed policies. In other words, Trump says something and the responses, to prove he is racist, is "what he is really saying is...." This dog whistle nonsense is old hat for the left and shouldn't be taken seriously. He's not polished in political speech, so these things can happen, but people should not be so quick to assume bad intent - it's a major problem with our society and culture these days that people assume the worst of others. 

Likewise, he wants to close up the southern border so he's called a racist. That isn't racism. That the KKK evidently endorsed him isn't his fault. He has not endorsed them. So far as I can tell, he's rejected the endorsement. The KKK is, and has been, the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party since Reconstruction. It is not a serious part of American politics. It has no influence beyond its role as the boogeyman. 

My overall impression is that Donald Trump is very politically incorrect, which makes comfortable people mad. That's good. Ivy Leaguers don't talk that way, so there must be something wrong with it, but their responses are so predictable that it has become cliched - an ism or phobia must be the cause. But Trump seems to attract lower working and middle class people. These people have not benefited from globalism, the stock market or the technology revolution in places like Silicon Valley. Heck, they can't even afford to live in those places that are doing well.

That said, Trump is not disqualified from being president. While I have concerns, it's mostly that his mouth has gotten him into trouble. 

Hillary Clinton is disqualified from the presidency. Beyond the fact that's she's a leftist, she's totally corrupt. She set up the private email server to hide her Clinton Foundation pay-to-play and bribery schemes. She clearly made decisions to benefit big time donors, including foreign countries like Ukraine and Morocco. She instructed her staff to destroy evidence after she was subpoenaed by Congress. She has repeatedly lied to the American people about what she did. That the FBI and our entire federal government has strained to protect her makes her even more dangerous. She is treated as if she's immune. No one is above the law.

If you look at her resume, you might be impressed, but her record of actual accomplishments is very thin. What she has been in charge of - health care in the 1990s or Obama's middle east policy (Libya, Syria) has been utterly disastrous. Even her most ardent supporters can't really name any significant accomplishments. 

Add to that her fascist inclinations. She wants the Supreme Court to overturn Citizens United, a case in which the Court held that the government cannot ban criticism of Hillary Clinton. To Repeat: Hillary want government to ban speech that criticizes her. She also wants to overturn Heller, which case acknowledged our 2nd amendment rights. I could go on, but this woman simply does not respect the constitutional rights of Americans...which is probably why she wants to import more non-Americans. In the old days, voters replaced politicians. She is a politician that wants to replace the voter with new ones she believes are easier to manipulate and more accustomed to government control over their lives. These policies should be rejected, as should she. 

She is dishonest. She is corrupt. She is a criminal. She believes she is above the law and so do the sycophants that surround her. She is dangerous to democracy and our country. She is disqualified from being president. 

Bottom line is that I voted for Trump, but to be more accurate, I voted against Hillary. She should be in prison, not the White House.