Monday, September 24, 2018

Confirm Kavanaugh NOW!

No witnesses back up  either of these claims. No documents back up either of these claims. No mention of any of these accusations for over 30 years. There is simply no evidence supporting these claims and they contradict the vast majority of evidence supporting Kavanaugh's good character and treatment of the women in his life.

There is, however, a mountain of evidence that the Democrats would do whatever it takes to derail this nomination. They pissed away the filibuster on Gorsuch (not sure it could be done away with here) and they simply don't have the votes to stop Kavanaugh if the GOP supports him, which it should. The Dems lied about his record ever since he was nominated. They lied about his opinions, his prior testimony (Kamala Harris deceptively edited a video of his testimony to distort what he actually said.) They've lied about his work in the Bush White House and on the Ken Starr team. They lied about documents being made public. They even tried to smear him about the handshake and the Nazi symbol during the hearing, plus all of the coordinated interruptions and demands for the hearing to be delayed for flimsy reasons. They're still bitching about Merrick Garland, too as if the GOP dragged that man's good name through the mud to stop him (they simply chose not to deal with it at all).

In other words, Democrats have the motive to "resist" at all costs and they're desperate, so desperate, that they're clearly smearing Kavanaugh's good name and reputation that he's built up over a lifetime of good deeds and public service. They don't care. They're even going so far as to throw out centuries of basic legal principles that the accused is innocent until proven guilty and that it is not upon the accused to prove his innocence, but the prosecution to prove its case. Even in the context of a judicial nomination, these basic standards of fairness and due process must win out.

"Believe all women" is a nice slogan, but it is foolish and rejects basic fairness and due process for the accused. Plus, are numerous tales of women lying about such things - Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, UVA "Jackie"/Rolling Stone. Again, however, in this case, there is ZERO evidence supporting these claims as they pertain to Kavanaugh.