Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Too many damn fools out there

We are told that police kill black people due to systemic racism. certainly, all those white people killed by police could not possibly have been killed due to systemic racism because they're white, so there must be some other reasons, such as incompetence, lack of training, emotionally unfit for the job, the officer just being an asshole, , and the particular circumstances in each case. Come to think of it, those reasons seem like they'd apply to the black deaths as well and it isn't just "systemic racism."

After all of this is done and the billions of dollars have been spent on left wing priorities, then the "systemic racism" nonsense will still be here. It will never go away because no amount of money and no amount of legislation and nothing you can do will ever be good enough to erase the historical grievances that underlie this claim because you can't change history. If all of history is built into whatever system you have, you can't erase it. There will always be some aspect of history that is still with us as it doesn't matter if no one is racist today because we all stand to benefit from the current system that was built by history's greatest monsters. You cannot create utopia, and you cannot perfect humans no matter what you do. It's a fool's errand to try.