Friday, September 18, 2020

Blaming "System Racism" is a cop-out

Princeton gets hoist by its own petard after admitting it is racist.

Blaming "systemic racism" is a cop-out anyway and this is more proof. People who claim these things never offer proof of an actual ongoing racist system, but instead blame past racism in general for problems of today or cite racial disparities of one type or another without proof of causation, let alone correlation. It's just the assumed cause. Princeton is trying to have it both ways. They want to be all woke and blame racism without taking any personal responsibility for their own racism which they, of course, now deny because actual federal dollars are at stake.

It's as if no one is ever to blame for their own actions. There's literally no evidence of racism in most of the police deaths, like George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, but they get to blame racism anyway because it's embedded in the "system." In the old days, they just blamed "the Man" who was always holding people down oppressing them. But under this newer rubric, no one is responsible except the "system" and leftists don't have to actually prove anything with evidence. It's bootstrapping of the highest order: America is racist, so everything that happens is a result of racism. Q: What's the evidence of this systemic racism? A: Everything - it can only be caused by racism. It helps the leftists that they explicitly reject logic and reason and their arguments are more proof of that.