Friday, August 13, 2021

Vaccines work. Masks are almost useless

If you believe masks are effective at stopping the virus, then feel free to wear one and make your kid wear one. If don't believe that, then don't. By now everyone should know the risks. 

If you think your mask works only if everyone else is wearing a mask, then you really don't think that masks work. If you think vaccinated folks need to wear masks still then you don't really think vaccines work.  

As always, freedom is the answer! People know better about their own health and risk tolerance than any government bureaucrat or politician, or even their damn neighbors. Freedom also means the right to be wrong. People will underestimate their own risks and they'll be forced to deal with the consequences, which is mostly likely just mild cold symptoms.  People are, first and foremost, responsible for themselves (and their children). It is not my responsibility to the rest of society to make sure they don't get sick. Vax up and wear a mask if you're worried. Or just stay home. That's your responsibility, not mine. 

It is also not government's responsibility to force people to get vaccinated or wear masks if they don't see the benefit. It is the governments job to provide sufficient information to the public so we can make our own informed decisions. During this Covid crisis, our government has regularly tried to manipulate us and force us into nonsensical behaviors due to fear that they'll get blamed  for bad outcomes. We're not the government's children. Deal with us as adults. Give us information and even make some recommendations and let us decide. Top down, once-size-fits-all micromanagement of our lives never works and it provides way too much authority to government that it won't willingly relinquish. 

Again, Freedom is the answer.