Monday, September 27, 2004

Another sign of defeat

Kerry wants to end all the election advertising.

Oddly enough, the story mentions a GOP 527 group called Progress for America Voter Fund (never heard of them) and of course the Swift Vets, but only mentions the DNC/Kerry (the article doesn't say which) ad calling the ads attacking Kerry "dispicable." Naturally, there's no mention of any liberal ads comparing Bush to Hitler, war for oil, and the like.

"What they don't need is all these trumped up advertisements, they just make people curl up and walk away," added the Massachusetts senator. [every year, there is this big harangue about negative advertising, but people always say their effective and they will never end. And "wither on the vine," anyone?]

"I'm calling them 'misleadisments,'" [though, the previous quote said 'advertisement'] Kerry said of the adverts. "It's all scare tactics ... because (Bush) has no record to run on." [Can you believe it! nearly 4 years in the White House and not one single thing the President can point to and say "I did that." Though, later on Kerry faults the President for cutting everyone's taxes. Kind of a confusing message.]

Also, some interestingly desparate remarks by Senator from Massachusetts, who spent his summers as a boy in France and even attended a Swiss Finishing School.

Kerry said "he and I, we went to the same university, we're both very privileged." [Vote for me, I'm a privileged Ivy Leaguer!]

The Democrat added that from his education "came a sense of fairness and responsibility" while Bush "thinks it's entitlement."

Some would say Kerry is projecting.

...Kerry said America's middle classes had suffered from the huge tax cuts that Bush had presided over and which Democrats say mainly benefit the most wealthy. [Though, its not part of his record apparently]

yeah, when my taxes got cut, it really made me suffer, especially knowing that OTHER PEOPLE'S TAXES WERE CUT, TOO!

Finally, "I've been right on Iraq all along," said Kerry. "I said yes, we ought to hold him (Saddam Hussein) accountable, but let's do it the right way, and I showed what it was, step by step. And step-by-step the president chose the wrong way."

Gotta give it to the guy. He's got some sack to say he's been right the ENTIRE TIME even SHOWED US HOW TO DO IT! I know I was only following the news and current events relating to the war in Iraq intensely, but I don't exactly remember the plan he laid out from the beginning. Anyone care to remind me?