Monday, September 27, 2004

The Source of Flipper's Flop

I agree that Kerry's flip-flopping shows, not a man of nuance, but someone trying to make political calculations rather than taking a stand based on fundamental principles. Like Limbaugh suggested, Kerry can't show his true colors (RED) like he would be able to in Taxachussetts. Now, politicians do this sort of thing all the time, and many get away with it. Even Kerry has gotten away with it, to a more limited degree, during his Senate career (of course, running unopposed doesn't hurt either). Bill Clinton is a good example of this. He opposed many of the GOP reforms and later co-opted them as his own, most notably welfare reform and balanced budgets. The thing that Clinton had going for him was his relative likeability and that he could transition to the new position (snicker, snicker) with relative ease. Kerry, unfortunately for him, has no such ability. He's not a natural politician as much as a typical pol with the personality of an elitist, Northeastern, liberal erudite. IE he's not charasmatic and the wishy-washiness that didn't hurt Clinton with the middle of the country kills Kerry b/c he's not likeable. The most important thing about Kerry's flip-flopping, however, is what it means if he's elected. There's no weather-vain on the White House roof. In the war on the terrorists who are trying to kill us everyday, someone who can't make up his mind without sticking his finger to the wind to test whether or not the country will go for this policy or that one is too dangerous to be in charge. Leadership means taking people to a place they aren't inclined to go, rather than getting them to a place they're already headed.

And Ryan, welcome aboard!