Sunday, September 26, 2004

New to the board

Grant has invited me to post on this blog, and I am happy to take him up on the offer. Since talking politics in public is considered by many (including my wife) taboo, it's nice to have an outlet. While I enjoy airing my opinions, I also enjoy engaging in debate with people who disagree (and there's plenty of them in the Bay Area, as you know). So, here's my email, so I'm not anonymous, and I invite any response that you take the time to write: Here's my first contribution, however anti-climactic it might be.

I think the American public gets that Kerry is a "flip-flopper" - so, the conservatives/GOP has done a good job of getting that message out. But, as David Limbaugh suggests, we could and should go further in explaining the source of the flip-floppery. It's not that Kerry is wishy-washy, or just plain dumb - it's that these are political calculations that he knows his friends in the media will back him up on...and they are. They paint him as thoughtful and not as stubborn as W - of course, "stubborn" is their word for strength, confidence, character, integrity, and not buckling under UN/French discontent.