Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More on Kerry's Plan

part of Kerry's 4-point plan discussed here earlier was to get more international support in Iraq. Kerry's plan all along, and on this point, Kerry has been uncharacteristically consistent, is that he can "do it better" than Bush, i.e., Kerry will wave his magic wand and the U.N. and French and German governments will change their opposition to the war, because their opposition does not arise out of their respective national interest. If Kerry has this magic ability, Kerry should be on the horn to these world leaders right now and get them to go along now. He's not, and since Kerry has been spouting that things are a mess b/c the French and Germans aren't going along, and he can get them to go along, Kerry is putting American troops, innocent Iraqi civilians and American contactors over there in more danger. But no, he is not getting our "allies" to go along and won't until he's the President, putting his own political ambitions over national security. Shame on him.