Thursday, September 09, 2004

New ABC/Washington Compost Poll

This new poll has Bush up 52-43 over Flipper. The lead is rather large, but in other respects similar to the latest Gallup poll. A couple of observations:

On the concern of another major terrorist attack on the US: 73% are concerned a great deal/somewhat, while only 27% not much/at all. That's got to be a concern for Kerry because HE IS WEAK on this issue, DESPITE HAVING SPENT 4.5 MONTHS ON A SWIFT BOAT IN VIETNAM!

Also, of Flipper supporters, only 39% are very enthusiastic about his candidacy, while 63% of Bush supporters are very enthusiastic about his.

Of Course, of Flipper supporters, 41% are FOR him, while 55% are against Bush. Bush supporters are for him 84% to 14% against Flipper. That's a huge difference in this campaign.

Also, these numbers aren't good for Flipper.

a. He is honest and trustworthy

Bush 48 - Kerry 35

[Bush tell's it like it is. Kerry lies to his own diary]

b. He understands the problems of people like you

Bush 44 - Kerry 43

[Heck, they're both rich white guys, and I'm not rich]

c. He is a strong leader

Bush 58 - Kerry 31

[Bush demonstrated his strong leadership after 9/11. Kerry demonstrated (by throwing his? medals/ribbons away) after Vietnam]

d. He will make the country safer and more secure

Bush 54 - Kerry 35

[Most agree with Dick Cheney]

e. He shares your values

Bush 48 - Kerry 40

[WOW! 40% are wealthy elitists snobs!]

f. He's got a vision for the future

Bush 49 - Kerry 40

[Bush is focused on the future. Kerry on Vietnam]

g. He's taken a clear stand on the issues

Bush 56 - Kerry 29

[Everyone knows where Bush stands. Kerry isn't sure whether he's a flip-flopper or not. That's why we call him Flipper here at Red, White & Blog]

h. He has an appealing personality

Bush 53 - Kerry 31

[Most will let Bush walk their dog. Kerry...see (e)]