Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Big Bush Win

There is no question that Bush won this debate going away. Kerry obviously didn't get his Botox shots this week and more than a few times fumbled his questions...when he chose to answer them. His answer "outing" Cheney's daughter in a gratuitous attempt to divide conservatives on the gay marriage issue, when Cheney isn't even there, was horrible. Kerry came off as a totaly jerk on the issue. Kerry even fumbled the question on his wife, saying he "married up." That was a pretty poor attempt at a joke at his wife's expense, whereas Bush's "I listen" remark was a joke at his own expense. Otherwise, Bush was totally on message and very focused. He was sharp and quick, funny and serious. Bush came off much better than Kerry, and that's why it SHOULD BE CW that Bush won going away.