Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Winning one for the Gipper

Despite all the post election analysis, one moment during the summer has yet to be mentioned as a turning point. On June 5, 2004, Ronald Reagan passed away at age 93. At the time the major story was abu ghraib and George Tenet's resignation. Kerry was on the march and the Bust team was stuck in neutral. Some thought that the timing couldn't be better for Bush.

This event helped Bush in several ways. First, it knocked the prison scandals off the front pages and talk shows, basically for good. By neither side going political for an entire week, Bush was spared continuing abuses in the MSM. Secondly, the passing of the Gipper reminded the electorate of what a real American leader is. Bush is the natural heir to this title, while no Democrat is even close. Secondly, it reminded us that America is good, the people are good and that we do good things. This view of America was Reagan's view, is Bush's view, but isn't the view of the Dems/Libs. Bush is the continuing the revolution that Reagan advanced so much during his career. It might be said that Bush won this one for the Gipper, but it can be equally said that the Gipper may have won this one for Bush.