Monday, August 29, 2005

Amen, Brother

OpinionJournal - The Next Justice:
"From listening to Judge Roberts's supporters, one might think that conservatives have a secret agenda because of how little they say. Some conservatives, especially pro-life leaders, have been corralled by White House surrogates for fear that if they speak their minds they will scare the horses. This overcaution is a missed opportunity that underestimates the American people. It reflects laziness and cowardice. Conservatives should be addressing the liberals' arguments head-on.

The American people should be told, first of all, that when liberals say 'civil rights,' they mean mostly lucrative trial-lawyer-driven employee grievances, the rights of convicted murderers, and the continued use of divisive racial quotas. When liberals say 'women's rights,' they mean that parents have no right to know when a man impregnates their minor daughter and takes her for an abortion. When liberals assail Judge Roberts about the issue of equal pay for women--which is the law--they really mean that government should dictate how much every worker is paid. When liberals speak of environmental and worker rights, they mean unlimited federal government regulatory power over local governments and the private sector."