Friday, August 26, 2005

Same Shit, Different Day

Liberal groups don't even try to hide blatant anti-Roberts strategy:
"With the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings nearing, liberal interest groups are pressuring Democratic senators to oppose Roberts and subject him to tough questioning about his views on issues such as gay rights and abortion. The first phase of their strategy is for different groups to announce their opposition on different days to create an impression of growing anti-Roberts momentum in the run-up to the hearings. [emphasis added]

'There are a great many groups that determined they would oppose whomever President Bush nominated,' White House spokesman Steve Schmidt said. 'The only open question was which day they would do it.'"
Not that these lefty groups aren't utterly predictable, but aren't they competent enough NOT to announce their strategy and obvious misuse of the media, who are happy to oblige? The media should no longer happily go along with being used this way (doubtful). This admission was buried in the bottom of the piece (at least it was included). Next time the headline or subhead ought to announce that the day's liberal group announcement is a coodinated effort by these groups to create a false impression of anti-Roberts momentum. These groups were anti-Roberts before Bush even nominated him. They haven't changed their views. There's no real momentum.

In fact, lefties do this all the time. The whole Kook in Crawford event nothing more than a PR stunt. Same goes for the gulag comments by Amnesty International. There is no groundswell. There is no momentum. There is no spontaneous rising up of regular Americans to oppose Bush, the war in Iraq or John Roberts. It is the same old people acting the same old way. Same old shit. Different day.

UPDATE: To see an actual spontaneous rising up of regular Americans see here, here, here and here.