Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito: The Unity Nominee

This is what Shmuck Shumer said after the Alito confirmation vote:
"I must say that I wish the president was in a position to do more than claim a partisan victory tonight."

"The union would be better and stronger and more unified if we were confirming a different nominee, a nominee who could have united us more than divided us."
While the idea of a consensus nominee that can "unify" the country may be a commendable grand notion, it has little if any support in the history of this country and SCOTUS nominations. Anyway, the idea that this president, a conservative, could nominate anyone who would "unify" the the Republicans and Democrats, while still keeping his campaign promises to appoint judicial conservatives is ludicrous. Anyway, its absurd to suggest that the Democrats wanted to be united in the first place. They were out to derail this nomination from the get-go, but were overpowered by the facts and the politics surround the nomination of an intelletual heavyweight and eminently qualifed jurist like Samuel Alito. Because the Dems refused to support a nominee like Alito, it is evident that they had no intention of doing what's right, only what's political.