Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Support GOP Senate Candidates

To continue to get great jurists like Sam Alito on the SCOTUS, the GOP needs to keep the Senate and mainatin a conservative majority. Here are the links to several GOP candidates who need our support:

Santorum for Senate (PA), Donate

Tom Kean for Senate (NJ), Donate

Michael Steele for Senate (MD), Donate

Mark Kennedy for Senate (MN), Donate

Steve Laffey for Senate (RI), Donate

There are probably other GOP candidates I'm not listing, but in any event the primaries haven't taken place yet. Bill Nelson, the Dem Senator from Florida voted to filibuster Alito, in a move to pander to the extreme left wing base of the Dem party. He needs to go. Note also that Steve Laffey is the conservative primary challenger to RINO Linc Chafee who voted against the Alito nomination. With friends like that...

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any of these campaigns and the FEC can kiss my ass!