Monday, January 07, 2008

Does she see the Irony?

Trailing Clinton Changes Her Message
Frustrated by her campaign's reaction to the defeat, Clinton ordered her advisers Sunday to reorient their message to more aggressively focus on the idea that Obama is all talk and no action.

"This election is about the difference between talk and action, between rhetoric and reality," Clinton said at a crowded rally near the coast Sunday night in what advisers said was a new approach that she scripted herself. "If we're going to be talking about change, then let's talk about change. Let's talk about who's produced change, and let's talk about who's more likely to bring about change."
Does Hillary realize that being married to Bill Clinton is not the same thing as having a record of change...or of anything else? I suppose it doesn't occur to her to actually state what she has done (other than "fighting for change, this minority group, that minority group and/or liberal position") that makes her qualified to be president. Granted, Obama hasn't done much to qualify him to be president, but Hillary (or Edwards) isn't the best person to make that argument given her own lack of any real record of accomplishment.