Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hawkeye Cauci results

Obama takes it for the Dems; Huckabee beats down Romney

McCain very likely will take NH, which would knock Romney out for good. There's a lot of Romney voters who are then going to be looking for a new candidate to back. Huckabee? A few would, but the battle between the two would leave those voters looking for a non-Huck option. Rudy? Again, some would, but if Romney is out, then Rudy and McCain would be seen as the "left" side of the spectrum on the GOP side. Thompson would be the logical choice, but no one seems to be excited about him anymore, despite the fact that most GOPers probably agree more with him than any other candidate.

Lastly, McCain. McCain is the John Kerry of 2008, i.e., the "safe choice" for the party. He's know, not super popular, but good on the economy, the war and judges. He has really pissed off a lot of GOPers, but if comes down to McCain or Huck, McCain will take it.