Monday, August 01, 2011

Debt Deal

it's a turd. it does not cut spending. Spending GOES UP. It doesn't eliminate any department or program. it doesn't reform medicare or social security. There's no balanced budget or balanced budget amendment. it locks into the budget baselines Obamacare and the Porkulus bill and it gives Obama another credit card to charge through the 2012 election. It will likely lead to tax increases. Tell me, why should any conservative be in favor of this crap?

Politicians may freak out of the debt ceiling was reached, but frankly, that's the best solution to the problem that is federal spending. Immediately, the government would be forced to live within its means. I have no interest in the vast majority of government spending. Most of it is waste and a lot of it exceeds the plain meaning of the constitution. Even some defense spending is a waste. Most of it is graft and corruption, or opportunities therefore. Frankly, there's no reason for conservatives to want it to continue this monstrosity. I am willing to gradually do away with these programs, departments and spending items, but DC isn't willing to do a damn thing to roll it back. So, there's only one solution: Blow it up. No Deal!