Wednesday, April 23, 2014

and another thing 2

Roberts wrote that "People can disagree in good faith on this issue, but it similarly does more harm than good to question the openness and candor of those on either side of the debate."

I agree that people can disagree on this issue in good faith, and while it may even do more harm than good to question the openness and candor of those on the other side, it is evident that Sotomayor is not arguing in good faith. She and the other political actors on her side of the debate argue from the position of beneficiaries of a racial spoils system, not just as recipients of race preferences, but in that is precisely where she and her ilk derive their political power - from wielding the race card like a sword.

Had Ginsburg written that dissent (and she wouldn't because she has more than two brain cells to rub together) it would not have received the publicity that Sotomayor did. Sotomayor got extra pub because SHE'S A RACIAL MINORITY and she was playing the race card. Roberts had to respond, though he's too nice and there's no diplomatic way to say "stupid, lying cunt."

She insults our intelligence by denying that the way to combat racial discrimination is stop doing so. Instead, she insists that the only ways to stop discrimination is to continuing to do so, and to "speak openly and candidly on the subject of race..." That is a complete fucking LIE! She and the Jacksons, Sharptons, Obama, and Holders of this country do not want an open and candid conversation. They wield the race card to STOP open and candid conversations (of any subject, not just matters of race). What they mean is that the rest of us need to shut the fuck up and sit there while they lecture us about how racist we supposedly are, how racist America is and how we're too fucking dumb to even know it half the time. They wield the race card every fucking chance they get. Her entire opinion is just a long winded version of the race card. It is not in good faith. It is not even a legal opinion. It's a political statement that says to those that disagree "Shut up, racist." She should be impeached and removed for such a rancid, unintelligible and insulting opinion.