Monday, April 28, 2014

On Donald Sterling

Does it matter that noted racist Donald Sterling is a Democrat or has given to Democrats? In a way, yes. The problem, however, isn't whether Sterling is a Democrat or has given to Democrats, the point is to smear the Democrat Party as a bunch of fucking hypocrites, which they are.

The Democrat Party engages in race-baiting to no end and they deserved to be called out on their bullshit. They play the race card every chance they get. Their prime evidence of racism always seems to be mere disagreement with them on policy matters. Want to reform welfare? Racist. Want to enforce the borders? Racist. Oppose government control of health care? Racist. Want to stop the government from racially discriminating in education, hiring and contracting? Racist. Vote Republican? Racist. DISAGREE WITH THE LEFT? RACIST. The Democrat Party, the party of Southern antebellum slavery. The party of the Jim Crow. The Party of segregation. The Party of redlining. The party of black drinking fountains and blacks to the back of the bus and the KKK and Bull Connor. The Party of forced busing, keeping blacks in poorly performing school and racial quotas. The Party of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd. The Party of RACE MATTERS, even when it doesn't.

The GOP got rid of the John Birch Society and expelled David Duke. They even ripped Cliven Bundy last week for making far less insulting remarks than Sterling made. They're far from perfect but they've done what they can to rid themselves of prominent racists. As for the Democrats, they embrace the racists. They also make up bullshit like structural racism and "coded language" so-called "White privilege" and micro-aggressions to allege what they can't prove - actual real racism.

In other words, the Democrats treat disagreement with their preferred policy choices as evidence that the entire GOP is racist. Well, here's a real life in the flesh racist that has supported them and their causes and, well, I guess that doesn't really count. Yes, it does.