Monday, September 20, 2004

Does the Bush camp want Schieffer out?

Drudge is reporting that the Bush team thinks C"BS" anchor man Bob Scheiffer out to be replaced as a debate moderator. If this is true, it is a shrewd political move. First, it highlights the CBS faking the news story, and second, if the Kerry camp balks, it appears as if its stepping up to the plate for CBS. The implication would be that Kerry is sticking up for CBS b/c CBS is protecting the Kerry campaign from even worse PR from the fake news story (like having more involvement than it already appears to have). If the Kerry team is smart, they'll dump Schieffer, too. I mean, Bush did agree to 3 debates, including one lame-ass townhall meeting type.

If they do replace Schieffer, the moderator should be Brit Hume.

Why does PBS get two moderators? (though, I think they're both good).